There are many ways to dry age a standing rib roast, but this is by far the safest and easiest way to get those thick, meaty, mouthwatering steaks that taste like heaven…

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How To Dry Age A Standing Rib Roast At Home (35 Days)


For this guide we used a Black Angus USDA choice beef roast. If you purchase your meat behind the counter, the butcher might offer to separate the bones from the meat, kindly decline, as the bones are needed in tact for this recipe.

If your beef roast comes packaged, remove the meat from the wrapping. Next, take measures to protect the Umai bag from the sharp bones. Use parchment baking paper (alternatively, paper towels). Moisten it and fold in half, then lay it along the edge of the roast to cover the bone ends.

Place the roast inside a bag (small end first). Make sure the pieces of parchment/paper towel stay in place. Vacuum seal the food bag as shown in the video guide, without worrying too much about air bubbles. The main goal is to make the food bag adhere to the meat.

Place the meat in the fridge. Make sure there is good air circulation around your meat. If your shelves do not have gaps in them, use a cookie wire rack or something similar to allow for the air to flow. After 5 days, turn the meat over. Repeat every 5 days for 35 days total.After 35 days have passed, remove the sealed beef roast from the fridge. Cut the bag open and remove the parchment/paper towel.

You now know how to dry age a standing rib roast!

Finally, the last step before grilling: trimming the roast. First, remove the dark bark that has developed on the outside. Then, as you would for spare ribs, remove the membrane from the ribs using your hands. And to finish it off (purely for the coolness factor), French the bones, making them stick out from the roast and removing the meat from in between them (you can use this “scrap” meat for some killer burgers). Clean up the bones and separate the steaks.

You should now have some crazy thick cowboy beef steaks to throw on your grill.


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