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This is not your average backyard ribs recipe. This is how you go about smoking competition style ribs on offset smoker. If you wanna step up your rib game, pay close attention as you watch this…

How To Cook Competition Style Ribs On Offset Smoker

Before we get into the actual cooking, make sure you have your ribs trimmed & cleaned up properly. You can ask your meat provider to do this for you, or follow this easy guide at home.

Next up, seasoning. In contrast with cooking backyard ribs, cooking for a competition means you’ll have to go full out on the rub. Since this is where you give the ribs your own distinct note to impress the judges, try to make a combination of spices that will impress them in every bite. Start with a base of sea salt and ground pepper, and build on that depending on the tastes you like.

One important note: in BBQ competitions, the rub is not just for flavor – it also has to give the ribs a great color, since you’ll be judged on looks too. Most pitmasters use paprika to get that nice, red color out of the ribs.

Let’s set up the smoker! For this cook, aim for the 262ºF – 275ºF range. Prepare a spritz of apple cider vinegar & apple juice. Add some of the rub you used to it, mix, then strain the actual pieces out, this will add extra flavor to it.

Spritz every 1 hour, focusing on the area where the bones will be exposed when the meat starts pulling back.

Time to wrap those ribs! Lay down some butcher paper, and spread brown sugar, honey and butter on it. Place the ribs meat side down on these, then wrap tightly and replace the competition style ribs on offset smoker. Smoke the ribs wrapped for the remainder of the cook.

When the ribs are ready, simply unwrap and let them rest for 15-30 minutes. Then slice and enjoy!

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