How to Cook a Knuckle Roast Pit Roasted Top Sirloin

A pit roasted top sirloin with a killer sauce! Trust us, this is what you’ll be putting in your sandwiches from now on, so check out this easy and mouthwatering recipe.

How to Cook a Knuckle Roast (Pit Roasted Top Sirloin)

Start by trimming the top sirloin if necessary. Trim off any excess or hard fat, which won’t render down during cooking. Also cut off any loose flaps of meat that might burn. Don’t throw these scraps away – find a way to use them!

Next up, season the meat with your beef rub of choice. Cover every side of the sirloin evenly, then let it sweat through the rub.

Now tie off the roast using butchers twine. This will help keep all of it in shape during cooking, thus making it easier to cook evenly throughout.

Let’s fire up the smoker! Stabilize temperature in the 300ºF range.

In a disposable roasting pan, roughly chop up some white onion, celery and thyme. Place top sirloin on top, and move the roasting pan to your cooker. Pour in some chicken stock, insert an thermometer probe, and close the lid.

When core temperature hits 115ºF, remove the pan and place the sirloin directly on the grates. Don’t throw away the liquid! Strain it, and reduce it by half in a pan over low heat.

When the pit roasted top sirloin reaches an internal temp of 125ºF, pull it off the heat. Lightly tent with foil and let it rest for 30 minutes.

Remove the butchers twine, and slice as thinly as possible. Serve alongside the reduced broth sauce.


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