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Sometimes a full-sized smoker is just so much. Maybe you live in an apartment, you want to go tailgating or camping, and need something smaller or portable. Today Jeff will teach us how to make our homemade smoker for under $90.

Base Materials Needed:

Hardware: (All ¼”, 20 thread, Stainless Steel)

  • Handle Assembly – 5-6” Carriage Bolt, Handle Material (Wine Bottle Cork works well), Lock Washer, 2x Nut, Cap Nut.
  • Bottom Tier Assemblies (Three needed) – 3” bolt, Lock Washer, Nut, Cap Nut.
  • Top Tier Assemblies (Three needed) – 3/4” bolt, Lock Washer, Nut, Cap Nut.
  • Thermometer Gauge
  • Extra 14” Weber Grate
  • 12” Terracotta Planter Tray
  • (Optional) Stick of Allthread with 2x Nuts and 2x Cap Nut. (Replaces one of the 3” assemblies)

Homemade smoker: How To Build Your Own Mini Homemade Smoker

We will begin with the handle for our damper control, which will be on the lid of the Weber Smokey Joe. The handle is consisted of a 6” Carriage Bolt going through a cork (drill a hole in the cork beforehand), a Lock Washer, two nuts and a cap nut (assemble in this order). Drill a hole through the lip of the damper control, and secure the handle through the hole.

Next, we need to mark the layout on our steamer pot, which we need to divide into thirds. An easy way to mark the places where the bolts will go is with a metal ruler. Go ahead and mark the ruler at 4.5” down (top grate) and 10” down (heat tray). Line up the ruler on the pot, and go around it marking the holes.

Time to mark the holes on the bottom. With your ruler, divide the circle into 32 sections, and mark holes along those lines. Make sure you do not mark holes too close to the edge. If you live in a cold area, you can skip this step and cut out a round portion of the bottom close to the center. (If you are not sure about this, drill the holes. If you find that you cannot get your heating chamber hot enough reliably, you can go back and drill more holes or cut out the bottom).

Drill all the holes you have marked (bottom and around the side). If you want to paint your smoker make sure you have the holes drilled first. You can find a tutorial for painting your smoker here:

The only thing left to do is assembling the hardware.

Begin with the three bottom tier assemblies. This is made out of a 3” bolt, a Lock Washer, a Nut and a Cap Nut. Secure those as seen in the video on the lower holes around the side of the steamer pot. Then go ahead and do the same with the three top tier assembly, using a 3/4” bolt, a Lock Washer, a Nut and a Cap Nut.

Finally, drill a hole in the side of the pot and install the thermometer gauge.

Everything is ready! You can now assemble your homemade smoker. Put the steamer pot on top of the Weber Smokey Joe (take out the grate). Now put the 12” terracotta plate and put it on top of the lower bolts inside the pot, and install the grate you removed previously on top of the plate. This will serve as your bottom tray. Install a second grate on the top row of bolts, and will be the main cooking tray. Install the lid, and fire up your brand-new homemade smoker!

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