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If you’re looking to make homemade soppressata salami, then this high quality treat from Italy is bound to make some jaws drop and mouths water for more…

You will need:

Whether you got your meat ready and ground, or you are planning to grind it at home, make sure to keep the meat as cold as possible throughout this cook. Since no cooking with heat will take place for this recipe, it is important to preserve the integrity of the meat.

Homemade Salami Steps:

Firstly, let’s mix up the cure for the Soppressata. Using the ingredients provided in the UmaiDry kit, mix 3% of the meats weight in Kosher salt and 2.5% of the meats weight in Instacure No1, 5 grams of dextrose and the¬†soppressata seasoning.

To mix the blend into the ground pork without turning it into a mush, use this procedure: Put all of the ground meat in a large enough bowl, and spread about 1/3 of the cure over it. Using 2 wooden paddles, toss the ground meat (like a salad!). Once the result is sufficient, repeat, until you’ve used all of the cure. Hopefully the meat looks just like it did when it was just ground up.

Time to add the culture! The one provided in the Umai kit is Bactoferm T-SPX. Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of the powder in 1/2 cup of warm (not hot!) distilled or non chlorinated water. If you are not sure about the water you are using, simply boil it and let it cool to room temp.

Add the dissolved culture to the bowl with the ground pork, then mix thoroughly. The culture is going to start feeding off of the dextrose and start fermenting.

Let’s stuff some sausage! Seal one end of the provided casing with a zip tie, then place it on the horn of the sausage stuffer. Try to keep air out of the sausage as much as you can, and seal tightly at the other end.

Hang the soppressata in the oven for 3 days – don’t turn it on, obviously! After 3 days have passed, the meat will have fermented into a deeper red color. At this point, move the sausage to the fridge for 30 more days, and let the curing process work its magic.

The long wait is over: the soppressata salami should have hardened and shrinked considerably, and separated from the Umai casing. You now only need to remove the casing completely.

Enjoy your homemade soppressata!

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