Basic Homemade BBQ Rubs Tutorial With Aaron Franklin

Rubs are an integral part of BBQ. But instead of getting yours at the store, use these¬†homemade BBQ rubs to¬†add a unique flavor to everything you cook. Below you will find some example recipes, which you can and should customize to your preferences…

Basic Homemade BBQ Rubs Tutorial With Aaron Franklin

This guide is somewhat of an “evolving rub”. This means that for every example, you just add the new ingredients to the one before.

The most basic rub, on which 99% of all rubs are based, is 1:1 salt and black pepper. Prefer kosher salt, and if it is available freshly ground pepper.

To turn this into a “Texas-y” brisket rub, simply add a smidge of garlic powder. Adding a smidge of chilli powder turns this into a great rub for brisket, pork shoulder/butt. Add some Hungarian paprika (mostly adds color, doesn’t do too much for flavor). If you prefer your rubs a little more on the savory side, add a smidge of dry mustard. This will give some balance to the flavors.

If what you’re cooking is pork ribs, here’s what you need. Since ribs are very thin, you don’t want too much salt. To fix this, double the pepper.

And if you’re cooking chicken, simply add some brown sugar. For longer cooks (brisket, ribs, etc.) you wouldn’t add sugar since it has a tendency to burn, but it works well with short cooks like chicken.

You can use as much of those rubs as you want. If you need more, simply multiply the ingredients you use. Keep in mind, there’s no exact science to the quantities you use. Adjust your recipe to suit your taste, and remember to have fun.

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