Time to make some homemade bacon! It’s not a difficult process – but it takes a little time. This method shows you how to make bacon from pork belly on your smoker after curing it. You can either use a pork belly without skin or get a skin on belly and remove the skin yourself.

Homemade Bacon From Pork Belly (Full Guide)

Start by trimming the pork belly. You can use the entire pork belly if you want to, but if you want your finished bacon to look like the one you get in stores, here’s what to do: The best cut is the thickest part of the belly, so you can cut off the two edges where the meat becomes thinner. To square it off even more, trim off the top and bottom as well until the belly is 9 to 10 inches wide.  The offcuts can be braised, used to make salt pork or even smoked.

If you have a skin on pork belly, remove the rind off the skin to give the cure a better chance to really penetrate the bacon. Start making small cuts between the meat and the skin, but do not cut too deep because you will remove too much fat, which is needed for the bacon.

Now that the meat has been trimmed, it is time for the cure.

The dry cure ingredients are:

Put a good coating all over the meat. Let it cure in a bag in the fridge for a week, and flip the pork belly every other day.

It will make it’s own brine – best to put the bag in a container so there’s no leaks in the fridge.

After 7 days have passed, take the bacon out of the bag, rinse it off very well under cold water. Let it soak in cold water for about two hours to get some of the salt out of the meat. Then let it dry in the fridge for 24 hours.

Smoke the pork belly at 180-200 F. You are looking for a temperature of 149 F in the thickest part of it, this should take about 4 hours depending on the size of your belly. Wrap it up and let it rest in the fridge.

Now just slice the belly up, and enjoy your homemade bacon!

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