Outside skirt steak, or as known by most grill masters as one of the most underrated cuts of beef out there. Follow this outside skirt steak recipe for a juicy, flavor packed meal that’ll make them come drooling back for more.

Compared to regular (inside) skirt steak, outside skirt steak is more tender, and has the same beefy delicious flavor. You might have encountered it in restaurants and steak houses, but might be a bit harder to find at your local butcher. But it is definitely worth it.

Grilled Outside Skirt Steak Recipe w/ Chimichurri Sauce

The first part of this outside skirt steak recipe is… you guessed it… the sauce. For this guide we’ll be using a very simple Chimichurri sauce. You will need

Simply mix equal parts of oil and vinegar into the rub until you get your preferred consistency. Make as much Chimichurri sauce as you need for the number of steaks you’re cooking.

Time to fire up the grill. These steaks are quite thin and cook fast- if you want a medium to medium-rare steak, you’ll need a hot fire. This will also help prevent flare ups, since the fat will evaporate before dripping into the fire.

Season the steaks with some Kosher salt, slather some Chimichurri sauce on each one, and throw them on the grill.

Cook each side for about 3 minutes for a medium rare, adjusting by eye. Keep in mind that one side of the outside skirt steak is very fatty- this will probably char a bit during cooking, so don’t worry if you get some spots that look a bit burnt.

Let the steaks rest at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. Then top with some more Chimichurri sauce and serve.


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