Grilled Mexican Street Corn On The Cob

It’s always a good day for grilled Mexican street corn, but on Cinco de Mayo is it’s a must. Check out how to grill street corn properly in this guide.

Grilled Mexican Street Corn On The Cob

Whether on Cinco de Mayo or any other day of the year, grilled Mexican street corn is a great backyard snack. So in honor of our favorite May tradition, here’s a take on Mexican street corn by one of the best Pit Masters in the game – Malcom Reed.

Fire up your grill, and let it come up to a medium-hot fire for grilling the corn. You don’t need to remove the silks, trim, or season the corn – simply place them over direct heat as they are.

Roasting Your Mexican Street Corn

Roast the corn, rotating it slightly every 5 minutes. You will know the corn is ready when the husk dries out and starts browning (you can check by peeling back the husk once it reaches that point).

Once ready, remove the corn on the cob from the grill. Be careful, it’s going to be hot! Using a sharp knife cut the end off the cob, then remove all of the husk including the silks.

Seasoning Your Mexican Street Corn

Now, time to add the “street” component! Apply a layer of mayo, sprinkle with Cotija cheese (or parmesan), and squirt some lime on it. Finish sprinkled with some finely diced cilantro.

Enjoy your grilled Mexican street corn!

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