A grilled bone in ribeye steak recipe that’ll have you licking your fingers while you watch this. Plus some beginner tips for grilling on a Kamado Joe grill/smoker…

Grilled Bone In Ribeye Steak On The Kamado Joe

The Kamado Joe might seem a lot different than your Weber grill, however fear not, it’s super easy to set up and cook on. Below you’ll find a few tips to get you started, as well as an easy grilled bone in ribeye steak recipe.

Start by placing charcoal at the bottom of your Kamado. Place in some bigger chunks first, smaller pieces might block the air vents and disrupt the air flow underneath your fire. Add charcoal up to the two side vents on opposite sides of the firebox.

Grab a few chunks and light them in a chimney. Once they are lit, place them back on top of the rest of the coal to light it up. Close the lid, and open the bottom and top vents wide open and let the pit get up to temp. From this point on, adjust the vents to get whatever temperature you need for each cook.

Time to prepare the ribeyes for some heat!

For a true old-school experience, rub the steaks with kosher (or sea) salt and black pepper. If you want an extra kick, add some cayenne pepper to the mix.

Once the grill is up to temp with the grill grates ready to go, throw the steaks on the fire! Sear each side for 90 seconds (you can turn the steak slightly at 45 seconds to get those diamond grill marks).

For the next step, place the deflector plate underneath the grates. Then throw the steaks back on and close the lid, cooking them to your desired doneness.


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