Here is a quick (and easy) trick to get the most out of your BBQ rubs! It might seem too simple, but trust us when we say it will make a noticeable difference every time…

Watch the video below or read the transcript before starting your next BBQ project!

(Quick Tip) Getting the Most Out Of Your BBQ Rubs


«Spices and rubs, we all use them on our barbecue, for our meat and smoking recipes, but I was going through some old footage […] and noticed that I did a “quick tips” video from last year, that I never got out to you guys.

»So, check this out! A quick little tip for how to make the best use and get the best flavor from your rubs.

»Everybody’s got their favorite rub. This one here is my salty and smoky, which is a very salty, salt-based rub. The best way to really get this flavor into the meat is using this quick little trick. All you’re going to need is some time and some saran wrap.

»It’s real easy. You just apply your rub to the meat, rub it in really well, and then wrap it up nice and tight in your saran wrap. Then place it in your refrigerator for at least a couple of hours- for best flavor you wanna go for 24 hours ahead of time.

»What this does is it acts like a dry brine. The salt in your rub will infuse into the meat and really lock that moisture in there, because the salt gets drawn into the meat, and it sucks some of the flavor with the other spices along with it.

»Now salt will get the best transfer, and you will have the flavors from your other spices, but they’ll only go so deep. But it’s better than just having it on the surface right before throwing it on your barbecue or smoker.

»So, just a quick tip, a few hours ahead of time or even better yet the day before: rub your meat down, wrap it up nice and tight in saran wrap and throw it in the refrigerator.

»This is Jef with SmokedMeatWithJef, a quick tip on how to get the best flavor out of your rubs!»

(The audio transcript has been edited in a few places for clarity.)

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