Your wife loves a thick juicy filet mignon, but you your ribeye, so what do you do? You grill her that thick juicy filet and add a huge tomahawk steak on the big green egg right next to it.

Filet Mignon and Tomahawk Steak On the Big Green Egg

First up, seasoning the steaks. Since this is beef, which packs a ton of flavor on its own, we don’t want to go overboard. A simple combination of salt, pepper, and a pinch of garlic powder will do – bringing out the beefy flavor without overpowering it.

Let the meat come to room temp and sweat through the rub (~10 minutes) . In the meantime, set up your BGE (or other BBQ pit) for 2 zone cooking. This means one side of the of the grill is directly above the heat source, while the other takes advantage of radiant heat.

Time to cook some meat!

Place both cuts over direct heat. We wanna sear them to seal all of the juices inside. This takes about 3-4 minutes per side. Don’t forget to rotate by 45º halfway through each side to get those kick-ass checkered grill marks.

Then move the meat to indirect heat. Now, the fillet will obviously cook much faster than the monster tomahawk steak, so use a meat probe to check on the core temperature of each (130ºF Rare/ 140ºF Medium/ 150ºF Well Done).

When the steaks are ready, let them rest for 10-20 minutes before eating.


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 tomahawk steak on the big green egg
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 tomahawk steak on the big green egg
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