Probably the best way to start your day: Here’s a breakfast Steak and Eggs recipe cooked on an iron skillet! Hash browns make a good side!


Easy Steak and Eggs Recipe

Give the steak a nice coat of dry rub and salt. Remember that the thicker the steak, the more salt is needed to bring out those flavors. Cover all sides of the steak equally with a pretty thick coating.

An iron skillet warms quickly, and retains heat, perfect for cooking the steak.

Get some coconut oil in the hot skillet and put in the hash browns, and replace the cover – keeping in the heat.  Leave them them to cook for a couple of minutes, more if they are thicker. then flip them over to brown the other side.

Throw in the steak – sear it both sides, and cook it to your preference. Keep the lid on your grill to make sure that wind chill does not cool the skillet and cooking steak – keep a nice steady environment to do the meat magic!

When the second side is nearly finished and has a nice crust, break a couple of eggs in the skillet by the side of the steak.  Try to keep them at least a little separated from the steak – think about how your grill is placed, and if it has a lean – put the steak to the higher side, and the eggs to the lower side!

Once the steak is done, take it out, and replace it with a slice of bread – to soak up the juices from the steak. If the eggs are cooking too much, you can lift them on top of the slice of bread – this will protect them from the heat – enough to stop them cooking, yet they will still keep warm!

A really simple, really fantastic breakfast!




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