Easy Smoked Tender Beef Ribs Recipe

The most tender beef ribs you’ll ever have are so easy to smoke! Check out this delicious rack of ribs as it reaches juicy perfection.

Easy Smoked Tender Beef Ribs Recipe

So, first things first: let’s fire up the smoker! Make sure to have clean grill grates and an empty ash tray before placing enough charcoal in there for 5-6 hours (you can add more later). Add a fist-sized chunk of hickory for smoke, and light the charcoal!

While the pit is heating up, go ahead and prepare the ribs. Trim off any silverskin and hard fat. Slather with olive oil and season with sea salt and coarse ground pepper (freshly ground if possible). Since beef ribs are huge, use a lot of salt.

Target cooking temperature is 280ºF. Once your ribs are ready for smoke, place them on the heat. Close the lid, and let the magic happen.

After about 2 hours, add another chunk of smoke wood to your firebox, since the first one should be gone. Also insert a high quality meat thermometer probe to monitor the cooking process.

Your tender beef ribs are ready when core temperature hits 198ºF. Pull the rack from heat, and wrap in tin foil. Let the meat rest for 1 hour before serving.


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