Slow Cooked Boston Butt on a Weber

If you’re doing a slow cooked Boston butt, whether it’s for a party or to make enough meal prep pulled pork sandwiches for an entire week, here’s any easy method that’ll help you hit a home run every time.

Slow Cooked Boston Butt on a Weber Kettle

First up, let’s inject the butt. This is highly controversial, other claim it adds flavor and juiciness to the meat that’s being cooked.

In this guide you’ll find the Boston butt has been injected with a mixture of:

  • Apple juice
  • Water
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Sugar
  • Salt

Shake up to mix and use a meat injector to get it beneath the muscles.

Next up, the rub! First slather with yellow mustard, so that the spices adhere to the pork butt. Then give it a liberal coating of the BBQ rub of your choice.

Time to fire up the kettle!

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Set up your pit for 2-zone cooking. One side will be directly over the heat source, while the other benefits from radiant heat. Place a roasting pan fulled with water underneath the grates on the “indirect heat” side.

Cook the butt in the 235-250ºF range. Keep an eye on the fuel.

Target core temp is 195ºF in the thicker part of the butt. Once your butt hits 195ºF internal temperature, then wrap it in foil, then in a clean towel and place it in a cooler to let it rest for at least 1 hour.

When done simply unwrap that slow cooked Boston butt and shred away.

Enjoy that beautiful, mouthwatering butt!

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