A classic smoked beef short ribs recipe, the perfect cook for a weekend BBQ! Whether you are a seasoned Pitmaster, or just gotten into smoking meat, this is a recipe you and your loved ones will definitely enjoy.

What you will need:

Easy Mesquite Smoked Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Begin by washing off the ribs. Then using a dull knife remove the membrane on the bone side of the rack. Leaving the membrane on would prevent the flavors from the rub and smoke to reach the meat.

Time to apply the rub! Sprinkle the ribs liberally with Uncle Chris’s seasoning on all sides. Let the rack sit at room temperature while you get your smoker up and running.

Light up the grill and set it up for cooking at around 250F. Add a couple of mesquite wood chunks to the fire for some extra flavor. Place the ribs on the smoker. When the meat starts coming off the bone, wrap the ribs in tin foil.

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Let the ribs smoke for 5 to 8 hours, depending on the thickness of the meat. When done, the meat should just fall off the bone with little to no effort. Serve the short ribs as they are, or slice them thinner (like a brisket).


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