Deep Fried Steak versus seared steak Experiment

Have you ever deep fried steak? Probably not, however you’re probably wondering how it would hold up against an ordinary seared steak. Would it result in a perfectly crusted mouthwatering hunk of meat goodness? Only one way to find out, simply continue to read on…

Deep Fried Steak Experiment Perfectly Crusted

The goal of this experiment is to figure out which method will result in the best crust on our steak: frying or searing?

And like any reputable experiment, it’s only right to have a “control sample”. For this purpose, while one steak goes in the deep fryer, the other will go on the good ol’ BBQ pit.

So, first up is the deep fryer. Preheat some vegetable oil to a high heat (around 350ºF). Put the steak in, and watch the moisture inside it bubble up like crazy! Watch out, you only want the outside to crunch, and it’s gonna go fast.

Once the steak is done frying, move it over to your grill and place it over indirect heat. It’s already cooked on the outside, now let the inside of the steak come up to temp – around 128ºF.

Next up, the “control” steak. You all know how to sear a steak – simply place it directly over the heat source of your grill, and let the high heat crisp it up! Rotate & flip when necessary. Once more, we’re only looking to cook the outside!

And when that’s done, place it next to its deep fried brother over indirect heat. Target internal temperature is, again, 128ºF.

Once the steaks are done, move them off the heat. The one you did first will probably have to come off fist as well. Sprinkle some sea salt on them, and give them a 5-10 minute rest before carving and eating.

So, what’s the verdict?

Visually, the steaks already look a lot different. The one deep fried has a rich, mahogany color, while the seared steak is darker from cooking on cast iron.

But what about the crust? After all, that’s what this experiment was about!

There is definitely a difference between the two. The crust from deep frying the steak is harder, more crunchy, while staying juicy and tender on the inside. In this way, it does provide for a better steak experience.

But is it worth going to all that trouble? Well, that’s up to you. Make sure to let us know in the comments!


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