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The Chicago style dog is a legendary hot dog, one that’s created a category of its own! But what would happen if you turned it into an equally great burger? Queue the mouthwatering because this Chicago dog burger is what you’d end up with!

You will need

  • Ground Ribeye Steak
  • High-Quality Beef Hot Dog
  • Poppy Seed Hamburger Buns
  • Yellow Mustard (Vienna brand if you want the full Chicago experience!)
  • Chicago-style Relish (Vienna brand)
  • Chicago Sport Peppers (Vienna brand)
  • White Onion, finely minced
  • Tomato
  • Dill Pickle

Chicago Dog Burger Recipe! How To Make a Chicago Style Dog Burger

DISCLAIMER: For this recipe you will need some special stuff – and while this is NOT sponsored by Vienna in any way, we trust our friend Greg from BallisticBBQ and his choices on burger ingredients. Of course, feel free to use any other brand you like if this is not available in your area.

So, let’s get started! Get yourself a patty mold (a large enough cookie mold will do), or form a patty by hand. Remember, use enough pressure to keep the ground meat together, but don’t mash it too much. Trapped moisture inside the patty will make it lose it shape during cooking.

Next up, the hot dog. This is supposed to be a dog-burger combo after all! Get a high quality beef hot dog, freeze it, and use a vegetable spiralizer (the one usually used for cucumber) to cut it into a spiral. Alternatively, you can use a knife to make the spiral (if you’re skilled enough!) or grind the hot dog and leave ground meat loose instead of forming it into something.

Fire up the grill, with either a flat-top attachment or a cast iron skillet. Lay down some vegetable oil, and throw on the spiralized hot dog and give it a quick fry. You want a crusty outside, but without losing the hot-dog feel on the inside.

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Place the patty over direct heat as well, and season with coarse salt. Flip when you can see the side of the patty changing color all the way to the top. Give your burger buns a quick toast before moving on to burger assembly!

For this recipe you don’t need to put anything down on the bottom bun. Mayo or lettuce would be sacrilegious, and there’s gonna be a lot of mustard further up… So place the patty and top with the hot dog. Spread some mustard on top, followed by sweet relish, minced onion, thin tomato slices, dill pickle slice, sport peppers and salt. Spread some mustard on the top bun as well.

You should probably not slice this burger – just wrap your hands around it, and dive right in.

What did you think? Let us know either in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


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