If cavemen had invented Wasabi sauce, this grilled steak recipe would have been their favorite! Grilling directly on charcoal, plus the spicy Wasabi, makes for a killer steak recipe (or should we say hot?)


Caveman Style Wasabi Grilled Steak Recipe

“Caveman style” refers to the practice of cooking meat directly on charcoal. To do this, make a large bed of lump charcoal, light it up, and when it is fully lit place your steak(s) on top of it.

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Grill the meat on both sides until it reaches an internal temperature of 130℉.

While you leave the steak to rest, mix 1/3 wasabi with 2/3 oil in a bowl. Also chop one red chili pepper finely. Brush the wasabi/oil on the meat, and sprinkle with salt and chopped chili pepper.

PRO TIP: If you want to serve a dish that looks like it came right off a restaurant menu, create a base of chopped spring onions and bean sprouts on your plate before placing the steak.



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