Man-up and release your inner caveman as you follow along with this caveman style flat iron steak recipe tutorial. This flat iron steak recipe was filmed and fired in snowing zero degree weather on location in Lake Tahoe.

Caveman Style Flat Iron Steak Recipe

Cook Time: Approx 2-5 minutes per side, directly on hot coals.

Wood used for smoking in this video: Oak Lump Charcoal (But you can use whatever you like)

Basic Ingredients Used:

  • Flat Iron Steak or any 3/4-1″ thickness steak will do
  • Himalayan Salt or salt of your choice
  • Black Pepper

Basic BBQ Gear Used:

  • Charcoal BBQ pit or even a campfire works
  • Lump charcoal or wood will work as well
  • Brass balls!

Recommended BBQ tools:

High Quality Tongs & Meat Fork:

3 piece grilling tool set 500 wide

BBQ Hoodie for Snow Grilling

for the smoke of it hoodie_black BBQ

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