Hickory Smoked Candied Bacon Recipe

As quick as it is delicious, this hickory smoked candied bacon recipe is the snack you didn’t know you needed right now. Make sure you cook enough for everyone and then some because there will be absolutely no leftovers.

Hickory Smoked Candied Bacon Recipe

Choosing Your Bacon

First things first, choosing the right bacon. You can use any bacon, pork or beef, thin or thick slices- depending on how you want the end product to look and taste like.

Thick slices tend to do better simply because they hold shape after cooking and are unlikely to fall apart.

Choosing Your Sweetener

The other ingredient (yes, you will only need two ingredients for this entire recipe) is maple syrup. You could substitute this with honey, brown sugar, or any other sweetener of your choice, but you’ll end up with a differently tasting snack.

So, let’s get started! Fire up the smoker and preheat to 375ºF. Lay down the strips of bacon next to each other on a transferable BBQ rack.

Place the rack of bacon over indirect heat. Smoke for about 1 hour. Make sure to keep an eye on the temperature during this time.

After about 1 hour, drizzle each slice of bacon with maple syrup, and spread it evenly with a kitchen brush. Let the syrup set for 5 minutes, then repeat. If you deem it necessary, repeat for a third time.

After the syrup has set, your candied bacon is ready! Take a bite and get ready to fill up your belly because you won’t be able to stop eating these savory sweet little morsels.

Hope you enjoy this mouthwating hickory smoked candied bacon recipe!

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