Beer Marinated Chicken Wrapped In Bacon And Grilled

Grilled chicken, they say you can’t get tastier than that… Well what about chicken wrapped in bacon? This beer-marinated, then bacon-wrapped chicken recipe just keeps getting more awesome as you go.


Beer Marinated Chicken Wrapped In Bacon And Grilled

Place the chicken strips in a container. Pour the beer over the chicken until it is completely covered. Add chopped garlic, then add 1-2 pinches of Chili powder (depending on your heat threshold). You can also substitute the Chili powder with smoked paprika if spicy is not your thing. Cover the container and place in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours (preferably overnight). To save time, also soak your toothpicks/skewers in water at the same time.

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Remove the chicken strips from the marinade and dry them off with a paper towel. Wrap them with the bacon strips, and use skewers to hold the wrap in place.

Position the chicken wrapped in bacon over indirect heat on your grill. Put a layer of maple syrup on half of your chicken strips. After 2 minutes go ahead and add another layer, and cover the remaining half with Piri Piri sauce. Repeat again just before pulling the chicken off the grill.

Serve as a starter, and enjoy watching your friends and family’s jaw-dropping reaction!

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