It’s a different breed of stuffed bacon burger and absolutely nothing like your average burger patty. In some communities, grilling and eating a whole one of these burgers is a rite of passage into BBQ Pitmaster manhood. See for yourself…

Stuffed Bacon Burger (base)

  • Ground 80/20 Chuck (½ lbs = 1 burger)
  • 1 can of your favorite beer
  • 2-3 strips of Belly Bacon

Beer Can Stuffed Bacon Burger Recipe

Although they do seem imposing, cooking one of these stuffed bacon burgers is actually very straightforward.

To prepare, divide your ground beef into ½ to ¾ lbs meatballs. Then get your trusty beer can, and push it into each meat ball, molding the meat around the can. Once you have formed a “pocket”, get a couple strips of bacon and wrap them around the perimeter. They say bacon is the duct tape of food, and in this recipe it’s going to hold the burger together. Carefully wiggle the beer can out of the beef. Time to get to the stuffing!

You can stuff with anything you have lying around (leftovers, etc.) Here are some suggestions- you can use none of them or all of them at once, this is going to be spectacular either way:

  • Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Grilled Pork Belly Bacon (chopped)
  • Beef Hash
  • Grilled Mushrooms
  • Grilled Onions
  • Grilled Green & Red Bell Peppers
  • Grilled Fresh Tomato
  • Meat Chili
  • Roast Beef

Of course, the best way to go about cooking these, is grilling your ingredients right there and then, before stuffing it into the burger. Place the cheese & BBQ sauce on there last, to allow them to melt and seep into everything that’s beneath.

Grill the burgers over indirect heat at 275ºF-300ºF, for about 1 hour (keep an eye on them and check for doneness).

When ready, serve alongside some mashed potatoes, or in a (big) hamburger bun!


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