BBQ Beef Ribs Recipe And Tips FB

Y’all ready to learn how Aaron Franklin makes BBQ beef ribs? This recipe will give you some simple yet essential tips to get you started.

What you need:

BBQ Beef Ribs Recipe And Tips

Begin by slathering the ribs with some Louisiana hot sauce. You can use oil or any other sauce you like (or nothing at all!). Sprinkle some Kosher salt and then pepper on all sides. Again, you can use any kind of rub, but this simple one is more than enough.

Get your smoker up to temp at 285 Fahrenheit. Put the ribs in the smoker bone side down to insulate and protect the meat. Be careful not to get the ribs too hot!

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About five and a half hours into the smoking process use the spraying bottle to moisturize the meat. At this point you can also use the probe to check the tenderness of the meat. It should start to feel quite tender.

The beef ribs are ready when the meat reaches an internal temperature of around 200 Fahrenheit. A manual method to find out if the meat is ready is probing between the bones: if the meat feels like butter, it is perfect.

Use a towel to pull the BBQ beef ribs off the smoker without damaging the bark. Let the meat rest for an hour.


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