An easy to follow BBQ beef brisket guide, for beginners and experienced pitmasters alike. The brisket is smoked for about 14 hours in total, making this a great way to get started with “low and slow” if you have never tried it before.


BBQ Beef Brisket On The Big Green Egg

Start off by mixing the rub. For this guide we will be using a very basic salt, pepper and garlic powder mix, but you can customize it as much as you want according to your preference. If possible, use fresh/local ingredients. Grind your own peppercorns if you can.

Trim off the brisket, removing any excess fat. Coat the meat with olive oil and apply the rub to cover all sides of the brisket. Let the meat rest while you set up the Big Green Egg.

Time to fire up the smoker! Use lump charcoal and Oak wood for a nice, smoky flavor. Put a water pan under the grate to help regulate the moisture. The smoker should have a temperature of about 230ºF throughout the whole cook.

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Put the brisket on the Big Green Egg. The hottest part of the BGE is the back, so it’s a good idea to position the point of the brisket towards that spot.

About 7 to 8 hours into the smoke, the brisket should have reached an internal temp of around 165ºF. Go ahead and foil the brisket.

When internal temp reaches 195ºF get the brisket out of the foil. You may want to collect the juices that have come out of it in a pan and use them later.

Your BBQ beef brisket is almost ready! Separate the flat from the point with a knife, and put the flat back into the foil. Let it rest at room temperature. In the meantime you can work on the burnt ends: Cube up (or slice) the point. Couple the juice you saved earlier with some BBQ sauce, put the burnt ends in the liquid and let them smoke for about another hour on the BGE.

Slice the point, and serve along with the burnt ends.



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