bacon wrapped pineapple bombs

A fun summer cook, theses bacon wrapped pineapple bombs are a great appetizer and side cook to impress your guests and get the juices flowing before the main course.

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Bombs

Step one, clean the pineapple. Cut off the bottom and crown, then cut down the skin just deep enough so you don’t throw away any fruit. Then cut it into 3 slices from top to bottom. Remove the core from the middle slice. Then cube the pieces up.

Light up the grill, setting it up for cooking over indirect heat. Add a chunk of apple wood for smoke.

In the meantime, roll each pineapple cube in half a slice of bacon. Once done, season the bacon bites with chili powder and brown sugar – or use your favorite hot & sweet rub.

Time to grill these babies! Arrange them on the indirect side of the grill, and simply let them cook until the bacon reaches your desired doneness (slightly crispy is the way to go!)

This is a great cook to do alongside something bigger – if timed correctly, you can enjoy it as an appetizer, right before those ribs or brisket comes off the grill!

We hope you enjoy!

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bacon wrapped pineapple bombs
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