Smoked onions? With bacon? And smothered with cheese too? This bacon wrapped onion rings recipe sounds like three delicious ingredients accidentally jumbled – but trust us when we say that it tastes phenomenal!

Basic Ingredients

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings Smothered In Cheese

Peel the first few (dry) layers off the onion. Using a sharp knife slice along the bottom of the onion to create a flat base it can balance on. You don’t have to slice too deep, just enough so that the onion does not roll over when you place it on your cooking surface. Cut about half an inch off the top of the onion, and using a small spoon hollow out the onion about 2 to 2½ inches deep. You should now have an onion that looks a bit like a cup with thick walls.

Wrap a bacon slice around the onion, and secure it with a tooth pick. If the onion is big enough you might have to use two rashers.

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Drizzle some olive oil around the top of the onion, and spread it with a finger. Spread your seasoning on the onion.

Chop up about a teaspoon of fresh thyme leaves and add it to a cup of beef broth. Add half a cup of dry vermouth and 2 tablespoons of seasoning, then mix well. Pour the mixture into the onion to fill it up.

Time to smoke the onions! The smoker should be up to temp at 250℉, and cooking takes about 2 hours. Check about every 30 minutes and refill the liquid inside the onion if necessary.

10 minutes before you pull them off the smoker, add small pieces of Brie cheese around the edge of the onion, and to finish sprinkle with fine-chopped Italian parsley.


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