Smoked Bacon Wrapped Alligator Meat Recipe FB

A great appetizer from down South, smoked bacon wrapped alligator meat recipe. Fairly simple to execute and delicious to eat.

Ingredients Used In This Cook:

  • Bamboo skewers (soaked in water for a few hours)
  • Alligator meat
  • Brine solution with brown sugar and salt (see video #2 below)
  • Strips of bacon
  • Spice

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Alligator Meat Recipe

Leave the alligator to soak in the brine solution overnight. Because alligator meat is very lean, it is difficult to keep the moisture in it and it will easily dry out while grilling or smoking it. Brining the meat will help it to stay moist while in your smoker.

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How To Make a Brine Solution

Preparing Your Alligator Meat Skewers

Cut the alligator meat into long strips, about the length of the skewers that you are using. Run a skewer through every strip of meat. When you have done this will all of the meat, you can go ahead and liberally put the spice of your choice over the meat (both side).

Time to wrap the bacon around it. The bacon, apart from tasting great, will also help with keeping the moisture of the brine inside the alligator meat throughout the cooking process. The easiest way to wrap the bacon strips around the skewered meat is to stab it onto the skewer at the bottom, wrap it, and then stab it at the top. This way it will stay on there.

Smoking Your Bacon Wrapped Alligator Meat

When you are done with wrapping all of your skewers, it is time to put them in the smoker! Using a bradley rack will make your life a lot easier when transporting them to the smoker and also when you are going to remove them when they are done cooking.

To add extra flavor to the meat, you can use mesquite and/or pecan wood in the smoker. The skewers need to cook for about two hours in total, at a temperature of 250F. Be sure to use a high quality smoking thermometer to accurately measure your temperatures of your meat as well as the inside of your smoker.

You will need to check on it every 25-30 minutes to check that the bacon is crisping the way it is supposed to, and that everything is going well. This alligator meat recipe is the perfect appetizer and can even be the main course, depending on how many you make. Enjoy!

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