bacon weave

You have probably never thought about getting into weaving- until now! This bacon weave is the same one used in many of the bacon wrapped recipes on our website. It can be used for stuffed sausage rolls, meatloaf, even for wrapping a tenderloin or a whole turkey!

The official term for this technique is “barding,” which means blanketing or draping a fatty or cured meat onto another protein like pork tenderloin or fish fillets. The extra layer keeps the interior exceptionally moist.  Bard your turkey – a hot bird under a blanket will stay irresistibly moist!

Watch the video, then scroll down to find our Pro-tips for the Bacon Weave!

Bacon Weave Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

Pro tips:

  • Create your bacon weave on wax paper. This way rolling/moving it will become a lot easier!
  • You will need a minimum of 14 strips of bacon (about 1 pound, unless it’s thick sliced).
  • Get creative! After trying the recipes found on our website, don’t hesitate to use the weave on anything. After all, we are talking about the magical flavor of bacon!

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