Today we will be making a Bacon Bomb: a delectable recipe with an infinite potential for adjustments, all wrapped in bacon… Yes please!

Here is what you will need:

Base ingredients

  • 1 pound (13-14 slices) of thick cut bacon.
  • 1 pound of ground sausage
  • Whatever you wish to stuff into your sausage roll
    (for this demonstration we will be stuffing with pepper jack cheese, spinach, green onions, sweet peppers and spices)


  • Wax paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Gallon ziploc bags
  • Rolling pin

Bacon Bomb: Smoked Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Sausage Roll

The first step is to make our sausage roll patty. For this we are going to use a ziploc bag after we clip off its two bottom corners. This will allow air to escape. Let’s go ahead and insert our one pound of ground sausage into the bag. This does not need to be regular sausage, you can use maple flavored sausage, Italian style hot sausage or any other kind to get creative with the flavor. We are going to close the ziploc, and with our rolling pin we will flatten it out. If you do not have a rolling pin you can use a wine bottle or anything round you have available. Even it out as much as possible, and don’t worry if some sausage comes out of the cut corners.

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Now we are going to work on getting the sausage stuffed. The easiest way to get the sausage out of the ziploc is to cut down the two edges of the bag, peel off the top side, flip it and peel off the other side. Do this on a piece of wax paper to avoid bringing the meat in contact with anything else.

Now we will put the stuffing ingredients on top of the ground sausage patty. Start with the spices, and then put any other ingredients you want. As mentioned before, we are using pepper jack cheese, spinach, green onions and sweet peppers. Try to keep the ingredients on the lower two thirds of the meat to make your life easier as you roll the wrap.

When everything is in place, go ahead and carefully wrap the whole thing up. Make sure to slowly remove the wax paper as you roll, so it does not get stuck in the wrap.

Time to create our bacon weave. Make a 7 by 6 strip weave which will wrap around the sausage roll we made before.

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Tightly wrap the sausage roll in the bacon, making sure the bacon overlaps at the very end.

The bacon bomb is ready! We can leave it in the wax paper to save it in the fridge until the smoker is up and running, and it will also make transporting to and from the smoker a lot easier. Make sure to remove the paper before smoking though!

We will be smoking the bacon bomb at 250F for about 3 hours. When placing it on the grill, make sure that the bacon seam (where two edges of bacon overlap) is on the bottom. Around the 2:30 mark we will brush it with some barbecue sauce to glaze it over for the last half hour.

Have fun on your smoker, and enjoy!
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