This method easily will double the value of your next choice grade ribeye steak. Simply follow this dry aging beef guide using the SteakAger and we promise your people will thank you for doing this…

28 Day Dry Aging Beef Guide (Ribeye)

For this dry aging beef guide we’ll be using the SteakAger aging kit. This is essentially a box that controls humidity and airflow around the meat you’re aging, resulting in almost professional quality dry aging.

The SteakAger sits in your fridge with the power cord running through the door gap (it has to be powered).

To get started, fill the provided burlap sack with rock salt, and place it at the bottom of the chamber. This will help absorb moisture from the meat.

Next, trim the beef ribeye like usually, and place it in the SteakAger chamber. Close the door, and let time work its magic.

The biggest percentage of moisture will be extracted from the meat within the first 9-12 days of the aging process. This is also when the meat will shrink more visibly.

For the next 2 weeks, the meat will keep shrinking, although not as obviously as before. But be patient, the enzymes keep working on the inside to tenderize the beef so you can enjoy a tender and flavorful cut.

When 28 days have passed, simply remove the prime rib from the fridge, remove the crust that has formed on the outside, and slice into steaks.

Below you’ll find some suggestions on how to grill these babies to perfection.

Enjoy the premium taste of your 28 day dry aged beef!

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