10 Hour Texas Style Brisket

If you’re from the south, a 10 hour brisket is no biggie. Nevertheless, here’s how to do it Texas style with straight salt, pepper, and some good smoke. A good introduction to long cooks and a great way to turn your backyard into everyone’s favorite BBQ joint!

10 Hour Brisket Done Texas Style

Fire up your BBQ pit! The key for the success of this cook is going to be heat management, so make sure to be familiar with your equipment. If you need some pointers, check out this guide on the Minion Method, or this one for offset cookers. The target is to cook in the 250º-275ºF range consistently throughout.

Trim Your Brisket

Moving on to the brisket: take some time to prepare the brisket, trimming down the fat cap to a thickness of 1/4 inch, and remove any loose flaps that will burn.

Season Your Brisket

Next up, seasoning the brisket. As this is a Texas style recipe, the right way to do it is straight salt and pepper. Use coarse salt and pepper if you have them. Coat the brisket on all sides evenly, and pat the seasoning down to make it stick.

Smoke Your Brisket

And now it’s time for the actual cooking! Place the brisket(s) on the cooker, and let the smoke and heat do their magic.

Once you have a nice bark developing, go ahead and wrap the brisket. Use butchers paper or tin foil (the debate about which is better goes way back, so use whichever you feel comfortable with).

When core temperature (in the thickest part of the brisket) hits 200ºF, pull it off the smoker. Unwrap slightly and let it rest for at least 15 minutes.

Slice and enjoy!

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