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The Minion Method On An Offset Smoker

The Minion Method On An Offset Smoker

Using the minion method on an offset smoker is not as difficult as you thought – here’s a complete guide on how (and why) you should do it.

The Minion Method On An Offset Smoker

The Minion method has been around for a while, so if you’ve been grilling for some time you might know a thing or two about it. But whether you do or don’t, here’s a quick run through to get you up to speed.

The core concept is simple: Light a handful of charcoal or briquettes. Place them next to a larger amount. Let the fire spread slowly through them. The lit fuel will ignite the unlit.

There are many variations to this: on a kettle-type cooker, creating a “ring” of fuel around the edge, with a small gap (so more like a horse shoe than a ring), and lighting fuel on one end of the loop. On a barrel cooker, placing the lit coal on a pile of unlit coal and letting the fire slowly burn through it.

But what about offset cookers? The small firebox might seem limiting, but you can try couple of variations of the minion method on an offset smoker.

Variation #1: Simply fill your firebox to 3/4 with your fuel of preference. Create a small crater in the middle. Place 10-15 lit briquettes or a handful of coal in the crater. Let the volcano do its thing and you should get a decent amount of hours from this approach.

Variation #2: Use removable T-plates to turn the firebox into a snake-like path the burn has to follow. You can easily make these yourself, or get them made for very cheap. Make sure the path is not too narrow when turning around the plates, or the temperature may fluctuate during cooking. Now simply light the charcoal on one end of the snake path, and sit back while the cooker burns for EVER!

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  1. A number of years back I put together a booklet on modifying the “low end” offset smokers to make them perform like a much more expensive model. Back in the day (with excellent charcoal available) I managed to get 10-12 hours of steady 220-230 without having to tend the file at all. If you would give me an email address to send it to you I would be very happy to provide a PDF copy for you to offer should you like it.

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