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Texas Style Smoked Pulled Pork Recipe

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Everyone knows that “pulled pork does not make it down to Texas”. This smoked pulled pork recipe is a Texas-style recipe for a non-Texas meat. If you always wondered what pulled pork would taste like in the South, this is a recipe for you!

Dry Rub Ingredients

Texas Style Smoked Pulled Pork Recipe

Start by creating the dry rub. Salt and pepper should be at a 1:1 ratio (half and half). Paprika is added mostly for the color, so don’t add too much. Add onion powder according to preference. Put all the ingredients in a shaker and shake it up until it is uniform.

Trim down the pork butt, removing excess fat. Slather the meat with olive oil, apply the dry rub liberally and pat it into the meat. Let it rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour, then move it onto the smoker!

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Get the smoker up to a temperature of 275℉ and put the pork butt on the smoker with the fat side up. Also use a water pan inside the smoker.

About 5 hours into the cook, you will notice that the meat has gotten really barky (almost like a brisket). At this point spritz with hot sauce, apple cider vinegar or any other liquid you use to keep the meat moist. When the fat splits on the top, you know it is about time to give it another spritz and wrap it tightly in foil. Put it back on the smoker and maintain the 275℉ temperature.

When you hit the 8 hour mark, it’s time to check on the pork butt again. Try twisting the bone: if it is letting go of the meat, wrap it up again and let it rest at room temperature for 35-45 minutes while it is still cooking from the carryover and reabsorbing the moisture.

Pull the pork butt apart, and enjoy!


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