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How to Make Pepperoni At Home (Artisan Recipe)

This pepperoni is nothing like what you’ll find on a pizza, it’s much better! Learn how to make pepperoni the Artisan way, with real meat that has been cured to perfection…


  • 1.45 lb Lean beef
  • 3 lb Lean pork
  • 0.55 lb Pork (back) fat


How to Make Pepperoni At Home

Start by cutting the meat and fat into cubes. Having done this, chill the meat before grinding it. Chill the grind again before adding the cure and spices. Mix using wooden paddles to avoid warming up the meat. We want the meat to be cold in every step up to this point, to get the best particle definition in the finished product.

After mixing up the cure and spices, it’s time to add the Bactoferm T-SPX that is provided in the Umai Dry 32mm sausage kit. Dissolve half a teaspoon in about 2 tablespoons of lukewarm dechlorinated water, then add it to the meat. Mix by hand to get everything thoroughly mixed, until the meat starts to stiffen.

Put the meat in the stuffer, ensuring there are no air pockets. Prepare the Umai casing (included in the kit) by securing one end with the provided zip tie or with butchers twine. Get it right up to the stuffing point and start stuffing. Again, the key is getting no air inside the casing. At the end of the sausage twist the casing off and secure the end with a zip tie/twine. You could keep 2 links of sausage together for easier hanging.

Hang the links in the fermentation area (65-70°F). You will know it’s done fermenting when the meat turns bright red (24-36 hrs). Then transfer to your refrigerator. Make sure it’s a modern frost-free refrigerator.

Let the sausage dry until they have lost 35-40% of its starting weight- approximately 2 weeks.

When ready, peel off the casing, slice and enjoy!

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