Sometimes it's fun to experiment while cooking. Other times you just want to go back to basics, to a classic that never fails. This Beef Back rib recipe is strictly Texas-style, and that's what makes it perfect.


  • Beef Back Ribs
  • Texas Rub
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Beef Broth (UNSALTED!)


Texas Rub Recipe

Mix equal parts Kosher salt and ground black pepper.



Preheat your pit to 250ºF using wood of choice. Pecan was used in this recipe.

Remove the membrane and trim hard fat from back (bone side) of ribs.

Slather both sides of ribs with Worcestershire sauce. Then season both sides of ribs with the Texas salt and pepper rub. Allow the meat to come up to room temperature.

Place the ribs on your cooker, bone-side down. Allow one hour of cooking, before spraying  with UNSALTED beef broth. Repeat this step every 30 minutes.

Cook until the meat is tender and a nice mahogany color has developed. The meat should recede from the end of the bones, and a meat probe should go into meat and come out with no resistance. Our cook took about four hours.

Allow ribs to rest about 15 minutes before slicing.


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