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About GSA

At the Grilling & Smoking Association our mission is to provide a vast array of knowledge, techniques and skills in the grilling, barbecuing, meat smoking fields. We strive to help backyard enthusiasts and professionals to provide their families, friends, and customers with the absolute best, most delicious food possible. Whether it be a simple backyard BBQ with a few of your family and friends or a full blow 500 person family reunion. Having the ability, resources, and skills to provide a mouth-watering meal that puts smiles on the faces of the people you love is a feeling that is absolutely irreplaceable.


GSA Exclusive Recipes

Our team is constantly updating the GSA membership website with exclusive recipes that you won't find anywhere else online or printed. You'll find 100+ year old family heir-loom secret recipes that have been handed down through generations of American BBQ Pitmasters and have never been shared with the public until now. These recipes are locked away inside the GSA membership site and available to members ONLY in downloadable PDFs form so that you may print them or store them on your mobile device.



Ensure you're able to provide your family with the most wholesome, delicious, and safest grilled, smoked, barbecued food in all aspects by downloading our exclusive books that offer insightful and thorough information on any given field. We offer a library of knowledge to keep you well informed.



We're bringing in grilling, barbecuing, meat smoking experts from across the country to share their stories, tips, tricks, techniques, and secrets exclusively with GSA members via conference calls, podcasts, and even live cooking demo broadcasts!


Product Discounts

GSA members get exclusive discounts of 20-50% on all grilling, smoking, barbecuing gear in the I Love Grilling Meat online store and major discounts from national brands, retailers, and grilling/BBQ tool providers. Plus, on top of the discounts, GSA members get priority access to new products before everyone else so that if you decide to buy your item you can be first and rest assured while everyone else is sitting on the waiting list.


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