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Grilled Salmon Heads Recipe – Atlantic Salmon On The Grill

grilled salmon heads recipe atlantic salmon on the grill

Grilled salmon head is a surprisingly overlooked part of the fish, especially considering it contains the cheek which is often considered to be the tastiest morsel on this fine piece of seafood.

Grilled Salmon Heads Recipe – Atlantic Salmon On The Grill

Ask your provider to halve the salmon heads, and remove the gills. Otherwise, if you went fishing and returned with a 60 lbs salmon, you can do this yourself.

Heavily salt the skin with Kosher or sea salt to add texture.

Set up your pit for two zone cooking. This means the heat source will be directly underneath one side of the grill, while on the other side you’ll be taking advantage of radiant heat to cook on a lower temperature.

Place the salmon heads, skin side down, over indirect heat. Season the meaty side with your favorite seasoning – salt, pepper and garlic powder works great.

Close the lid and grill for a few minutes, until the fat starts rendering down on the skin side. Flip the heads over and move over to the direct heat side of the grill, just for a few minutes.

Now move the fish back to indirect heat, as far away form the heat as you can – stack the heads if you need to. Close the lid and cook until ready.

In the meantime, slice a citrus fruit of your choice (lime, lemon, orange, etc.) Squeeze about a quarter of each fruit over each grilled salmon.

For the last few minutes, mop with a sauce that is 1:1 parts soy sauce and Japanese sak√© with 1-2 teaspoons of sugar. Alternatively, use Terriyaki sauce.

Get the grilled salmon heads off the heat and rest for ~10 minutes before eating.


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