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I’m Susie and I love/obsess over all things grilled. My love affair with fire started in the 90’s when I used to sneak into my siblings’ rooms and light their incense with the lighters they hid in their dressers. It grew with the middle school scented candles phase (to this day the smell of vanilla makes me want to paint my toenails and listen to The Ataris and Hoobastank). It finally culminated into a real passion for the flame when, as an adult, I realized that I was capable of harnessing the heat to prepare my meals. After getting my first grill I have learned that not only is fire awesome, it makes food taste ridiculously amazing.

I’ve always loved to cook, but getting the courage to leave the kitchen and head for the patio changed the way I looked at food. Everything went from, “I could probably make that recipe” to… “How can I cook this on the grill?!” I’ve taken all of the steps and learned all of the hard lessons about outdoor cooking so you don’t have to. My recipes have been road-tested and certified delicious by my super qualified taste testing team which includes (but is not limited to): my hilarious, talented and amazingly supportive husband AKA The Todd, my 3 kids, my mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and any neighbor within range when I’ve got more food than I can consume without needing to have my stomach pumped.

I’m a current Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Grilling Marathon by a team (34 hours and 35 minutes) and a master at cooking up tasty meals in a hurry for my family. I want to teach you to step outside, turn up the heat, and feast like a champion.