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Jef Spencer of Smoking Meat with Jef


Get to know YouTube Pitmaster and man behind the SmokingMeatWithJef channel on YouTube (visit his channel here) Jef Spencer.


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Smeat – What is “Smeat”?

Smoked Meat of course!

I love to BBQ, Smoke meat and all around cook for family and friends. In doing so I get the question, “How do you make this?” a lot. Enough so that I decided to video chronicle my cooking, specifically at my home built Smoker. The beginnings of a YouTube “How To” video series was born.

My annual Smeat-A-Palooza in Sacramento, CA, is a family event where a plethora of dishes grace the grates of my cooking equipment.  Everyone loves these recipes and the overwhelming number of testimonies prove their worth.

I invented my own special blend homemade “Sweet & Spicy” dry rub, complemented by my special blend homemade “Smoky & Salty” dry rub – they can raise your BBQ and meat flavors to new heights!


Where you from?
Military brat, lived all over the planet as a child and enjoyed the culinary delights that such travels provided. But now call Northern California home.

What got you started smoking meat?
Wanted to give it a shot but didn’t want to pay for a smoker, so I built my own.

What got you started making videos on YouTube about smoking meat?
I’ve been cooking for family and friends for years and constantly fielded the “How did you make this?” questions. So, started to create the “How To” videos rather then explaining it over and over again at subsequent dinners.

What do you love the most about smoking meat?
The flexibility it provides. I love to gill, but leave your hot BBQ unattended at the wrong time and your dinner can get burned to a crisp in minutes. With a smoker…. if the temp is too low, just run it a bit longer, too hot, run it shorter. But no worry about making charcoal from your meat. Of course the flavor imparted in a smoking session is top notch too!

What’s your favorite meat to smoke?
I love Tri-Tip! Simple, about three hours and there is a bazillion ways to season it for a new flavor every time. But a crowd favorite is just about anything stuffed then wrapped in bacon.

What’s your favorite drink to enjoy while you’re smoking thy meat?
Whatever may be in my hand at the time. I’m not picky.

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