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Chuck Shoulder Clod Recipe (24 Hour Cook)

This chuck shoulder clod recipe might take a long time but it is worth it! Steaks, chuck roast, and pulled beef all in one cook…

You will need

  • Chuck shoulder clod
  • Basic beef au jus
  • Brisket rub

Chuck Shoulder Clod Recipe For Beef Sandwiches

The chuck shoulder clod is a massive cut of beef. It comes from the shoulder of the animal, and together with the chuck roll, it forms the shoulder (or chuck). It’s one of the beef cuts with the best price-value relationship, and is equally versatile and flavorful. You don’t have to do a lot of trimming­, simply remove any silverskin on the underside, and move to the next step.

Mix 1 Tbsp of brisket rub into 3 cups of beef au jus. This will be injected into the meat using a meat injector. Inject about once for every square inch of meat. Then proceed to apply a layer of brisket rub on the outside. Make sure to cover the entire surface (watch out for those crevices and cracks in the meat). Place the shoulder clod in a pan, cover it, and place it in the fridge to marinate overnight.

When you’re ready to start the cook, get the temperature inside your smoker up to 225ºF and throw the chuck shoulder clod on there. Set up a meat thermometer to monitor core temperature inside the thickest part of the cut, and let the waiting game begin!

This is going to be one of the longest cooks you’ve ever done, so be prepared to check on your smoker every 2 hours or so. At about 4 hours, start mopping the meat with the same au jus-brisket rub mix used for the injection. At 8 hours flip the cut over, and keep monitoring and mopping every 2 hours. Flip it back over at 16 hours.

When internal temperature hits 180ºF, start checking for tenderness- a meat probe should go in and out without any resistance. When this happens, take the meat off the heat and let it rest for up to 40 minutes.

As mentioned before, there are many servable portions that can come out of this cut. A great way to reward yourself for making it through this 24 hour chuck shoulder clod recipe is shredding the point (thinnest part of the meat) and making pulled beef sandwiches!


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