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Smoked Boob Chicken Recipe (Whole Smoked Chicken)

Smoked Boob Chicken Recipe (Whole Smoked Chicken)

A funny and surprisingly flavorful twist to what you might be used to, this smoked boob chicken recipe combines amazing citrus flavors that taste so well on poultry, with something visually interesting for your guests to marvel at. Do this cook at your next backyard barbecue and you will certainly be the talk of your neighborhood.… Continue Reading

Argentina Style Smash Burger Recipe (Mouth Watering)

Argentina Style Smash Burger Recipe (Mouth Watering)

This isn’t just your ordinary smash burger recipe. This is a journey through mouthwatering burger perfection including bacon, manchego cheese, and a eye popping Argentinian galimaro sauce! A tribute to the late owner of Hodad’s in San Diego, CA, this burger is not to be underestimated. Ingredients 80/20 minced beef 2 strips of bacon 1… Continue Reading

Baby Back Ribs Memphis Style (How to Pit Roast)

Baby Back Ribs Memphis Style (How to Pit Roast)

If you have not yet attempted this mouth watering cook of baby back ribs Memphis style, then you’re in for a real treat with this recipe. These baby backs are seasoned then pit roasted to prime smokey perfection, the type of cook that will get their mouths watering instantly. Baby Back Ribs Memphis Style Get… Continue Reading

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If you take a moment and just reflect on your experience on this site, there is nothing negative. Nobody saying, wow that food looks like sh*t, instead there are people giving tips and advice.... I really enjoy being a member of this group...

Dan Parker - ILGM VIP Member

I just want to say this is an awesome group. A few weeks back I got in to a conversation with some guy on here and he told me about rubbing the ribs with mustard then putting on the rub. I used his advice yesterday when I BBQ'd for the Super Bowl and those ribs came out good, thanks!

Fernando Wolfe - ILGM VIP Member

Been in this group for 2 days and I am just blown away on how there is no BS and everyone shows love to everyone. That being said, this tells me that the Admin takes care of this site. It's refreshing to say the least. Good form Admin!

Donald Hodge - ILGM VIP Member

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