This apricot glazed smoked ham recipe video tutorial is brought to you thanks to Allen Johnson of GrillingNetwork who was also featured in our recent article of the Top 13 Best BBQ YouTube Channels For Summer 2015

Apricot Glazed Smoked Ham Recipe (Holiday Ham)

PRO TIP: When smoking meat every pit is different. They have different “hot spots”, they maintain heat differently, the airflow is different which means cook times on different smokers will vary drastically. The one thing that can help you maintain consistency in your cook and is one of the most important BBQ tool you’ll ever own, is a digital meat thermometer. Get a good digital meat probe thermometer that will allow you to cook to the perfect temperature every time and help you avoid over cooking or even worse, under cooking your meat.

digital BBQ meat probe thermometer

See below for the specific ingredients for this apricot glazed smoked gammon recipe:

  • 1 HAM (13-pound)
  • 1/4 CUP HONEY
  • 1/2 LEMON (Juiced)
  • 5 CLOVES (Whole)

Allen is an incredibly knowledgeable BBQ pitmaster that really does his research and shares very specific insider tips and secrets in each of his how to smoke meat video tutorials.

In fact, here’s a fun ham smoking fact that you probably weren’t aware of until now…

This smoked ham recipe is in fact actually a smoked gammon recipe and YES there is a difference between the two. Allen says that most meat smoking barbecuing pitmasters tend to use the terms gammon and ham interchangeably however there is a difference is in the preparation and treatment of the meat.

Both ham and gammon are cut from the leg of a pig, both are cured meats treated with salt, known as brining, and other substances before being eaten, however the big difference is that ham is cut from the carcass and then treated whereas gammon is meat that is cut from the carcass after the treatment.

Betcha didn’t know that about ham and gammon? Or perhaps you did. Either way, check out Allen’s apricot glazed smoked gammon recipe video below as well as other videos on his YouTube channel for more insider golden nuggets of meat smoking wisdom.

What’s the BEST holiday ham (or gammon) you’ve ever tasted? Share your BEST holiday ham or gammon story in the comments below because we’d love to hear more about you.


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